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Marble Surface
Marble Surface
puppy with dog mom sweatshirt

This is the little man behind the brand, Wes! My nickname for him has always been Wessie.


Don’t undermine simplicity.

When I started this small business in February 2022, I was also already working a full-time job, in grad school, and was on-the-go much of the time. Weekends were the only times I could run any errands, but it also became some time in my day that I took back for me. When I was always running around like that, I would at least have my hair & makeup done so I could feel "nice" and literally threw on whatever I could find first and styled it quickly to make myself look decent.  I kept that feeling in mind when I started this business and wanted to offer clothes with an elevated casual style for other boss babes just like me! This would be clothing pieces that were simple but would become your go-to clothes because it could make you feel effortlessly cute no matter where you needed to go. More importantly, I wanted pieces that offered the versatility of dressing up or down. When I started thinking of names for the business, I thought to myself, "What is something that is effortlessly cute?" and simple enough, that answer was WESSIE.

mini poodle dog
dog nose
dog birthday
dog photoshoot
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